Who We Are

DTI History

DTI was born out of the dreams of three close dance friends and their families. It began in the early 70s as Take Five Dance Workshops as friends and fellow dancers Charles Grass, Dobbie Hempleman and Ray Hollingsworth banded together to produce a more educational event for dancers across the country. In the late 70s H and H Dance Troupe developed as an off shoot of Take Five as Dobbie and Ray decided to continue producing Dance Seminars and add Dance Competitions. With the passing of Mr. Hempleman in 1981, Mr. Hollingsworth became the sole owner of the company, and renamed it simply Dance Troupe, which is known today as DTI- The Challenge of Excellence. Mr. Hollingsworth, along with his wife Cindy and a group of wonderfully talented dance friends, continued the tradition of excellence in Dance Education and Dance Competitions that were presented in a classic and family friendly atmosphere. The company produced hundreds of events in its 40+ year history, made life long friends and watched dance teachers’ students become parents and even grandparents. The Hollingsworths always tried to present events that were geared to present the best of the performing dancers on the stage at any given time. Mrs. Hollingsworth continued to run the company for four years after Mr. Hollingsworth’s passing in 2008. In November of 2013, she sold the company to Mr. Alex Dean Randall. Mr. Randall continues as the current owner of DTI’s Challenge of Excellence, and strives to uphold the long traditions that Dance Troupe was founded upon, and honor its commitments to the dance teacher and his/her students to produce the finest seminars and dance competitions available in the business.